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A proven leader in small engine technology. Kawasaki Engines deliver great torque and power in a smooth running, quiet package. Kawasaki Engines offers high performance and reliability, ease of maintenance long lasting, runs cooler and quieter. You can find commercial-grade Kawasaki Engines in almost every small engine application, from lawnmowers to other turf, construction, and industrial equipment made by leading equipment manufacturers. You’ll find Kawasaki Engines inside Kawasaki’s own handheld power products including string trimmers, hedge trimmers, edgers and backpack blowers. In every machine they power, Kawasaki Engines start easier, perform stronger and last longer.

EASE OF START UP-The ease of starting a Kawasaki FJ180V engine is aided by a single push primer system, automatic compression release for easier pulls and electronic spark ignition for greater reliability, start after start. Kawasaki Engines also feature a heavy-duty cast-iron flywheel. The inertia created from the extra weight of the flywheel helps power through thick, wet grass while maintaining superior power and engine RPM’s.

EASIER TO MAINTAIN-For ease of maintenance and to keep the engine performing at top levels, Kawasaki Engines have a large, dual-element air filter that keeps dust and debris clear of internal parts and a steel chopper screen designed to chop up grass clippings before they can enter the engine and damage it.

RUNS COOLER TO LAST LONGER-Kawasaki Engines are long lasting because they’re engineered to run cooler, thanks in part to a large, high-flow fan that disperses engine heat. Keeping the FJ180V engine cool is also aided by larger oil capacity, a forced lubrication system and a combined crankcase with an elevated seal that prevents oil leaks and reduces oil-operating temperatures. Less heat means less wear and a longer lasting engine.

QUIET ON THE EARS-The Kawasaki engine is unsurpassed in performance and longevity. In addition, thanks to a large low-tone muffler, mowing with a Kawasaki engine is easy on your ears, and your neighbor’s ears, too. The pros know that Kawasaki engines are the best you can buy. However, you don’t have to be a professional to appreciate Kawasaki’s superior engineering. For homeowners as well as the pros, a Kawasaki engine is the critical component for a top-performing mower.