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More than 30 years ago, an idea combined with ingenuity inspired the beginning of a brand that revolutionized the way homeowners and professional landscapers alike cut grass.

Dixon acquired the patent to a unique mechanical transmission that allowed a zero turning radius on a mower. This transaxle allows steering to be controlled by the power wheels on the mower instead of a steering wheel. By delivering the power independently to each rear wheel, the operator is able to turn the mower around within its own dimensions. This greater maneuverability allows for trimming close to shrubs, around trees, and in fence corners or other tight spots – places that usually had to be trimmed by hand.

With its new design and a plan to carve a niche in the riding mower market, Dixon rolled its first zero turn mowers off the assembly line in 1974. Then, beginning with a group of distributors in the Midwest, Dixon convinced the world that there was a better, faster and easier way to mow. After Dixon pioneered the zero turning mower in 1974, they have spent the last 35 years listening to and anticipating the needs of their customers, making continuous advancements to the ZTR line.

Today, Dixon mowers are sold across the United States and throughout the world. Dixon mowers provide one of the most comfortable and fun rides on the market. Zero-turn maneuverability and increased ground speeds not only make mowing more fun, it can also cut your mowing time in half. Cutting the grass doesn't have to be a job...enjoy the ride on a Dixon mower. From the moment you nestle into our luxurious deep cushioned seats and notice the convenient control placement, to the moment you start the engine and discover the quiet operation and reduced vibration, your mowing experience will be taken to the next level when you test drive a Dixon zero turning mower. Built like the pro models, but designed for today's busy homeowners, their residential line of mowers are reliable, fast and fun. Cutting grass doesn't have to be a job . . . Enjoy the ride on a Dixon mower.