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Craftsman is more than a wrench in your hand, a mower over your lawn or a box that protects your tools. Craftsman is knowledge and confidence. When you own a Craftsman, you share the experience of millions of Americans who believe that Craftsman not only provides them with solid, reliable tools, but the ability to easily complete any job of any size. Their largest range of hand, power tools, lawn & garden equipment, gear and more. It's where rugged durability meets consistent performance. Craftsman offers a tool to meet your every need.

Craftsman offers over 80 years of innovation. In 1927, Sears acquired the Craftsman trademark for $500 and just two short years later introduced its first power tools. In 1934, it introduced its first lawnmowers and the rest is history. Today, Craftsman is ranked as a trusted and respected brand in the U.S.

With Craftsman, you get:

Lifetime warranty on all hand tools reassures you that no matter what your tools will show up for each and every project you begin.

Rugged durability & consistent performance means that your Craftsman tools and equipment will get you through all the tough spots of any job with silent, steady confidence.

Superior service and support provides you with the tool and project tips and guidance you expect from a partner that "gets" it.